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lost my luck?…

Well, what happen?? No, I’m not growing alfalfa sprouts, they are suppose to be clovers of the four leaf variety!
clover patch
This is about 10 days after the last picture. They have been looking really peaked for the past couple of days so I changed containers (out of the one it came in) and added more soil. Looks like the grow your own four-leaf clovers have gone the way of the sea monkeys.

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A patch of luck…

Week one of growing lucky four leaf clovers. Not too shabby! :-)

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Waiting for Spring

Today was a nice spring-ish day in the 60’s. I wish it would just be Spring already and start the warm up! I’ve been scrambling to make new clothing and stock up for the upcoming craft shows and markets. New top design!
linen topbeth linen

(modeled by my friend, Beth of

Lately, I also have been rediscovering my green thumb and adding plants to the puttering I do around the house.


I don’t pick anything fancy, I just go with what spot in the house I think needs a plant and I go find one that fits the space, mostly green leafy types.

I am also trying my hand at growing my own luck, DIY Four leaf clovers.
clover kit

I’m a sucker for those little kits that are display at check out at the bookstores. Pocket ninja, mini Japanese rock garden, pocket voodoo doll etc. I’ll post pictures on how the clovers are growing. I hope they don’t go the way of the sea monkeys. Long story short, the bowl got knocked over and I remember crying as a 4 year old “save them!, save them! save the mo-unk-keys!” Oh the trauma!! … sea monkeys… at best it was a fish bowl of floating dust I watched for weeks! :-) I did get my first pet (real pet! not dust) the very same day, a gold fish.

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