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200 Hearts!

I’ve been a seller (and buyer) on Etsy for 3 years as of July 26th and I’ve reached 200 hearts today! SO what does that mean, you ask. It means that someone likes what I make enough to bookmark my little spot on Etsy. :-) My 200th heart came from Morgan Nichole.

Morgan Nichole200

She sells these adorable baby softies and other accessories. Thanks Morgan!!

Now if I reach 300, do I get to see Gerard Butler? A girl can hope!

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Is your city a DIY City?…

If you haven’t heard, there is a new and fun online magazine called DIY City Mag. They spotlight cities that have a strong DIY community, its resources and features cool indie designers and artists from the area.  The latest issue is on New Orleans, a city that has always been artist friendly, of all sorts of art genres; music, fine art, street performance, etc.  A little birdy (me!) wrote a wee article about the New Orleans Craft Mafia in this very issue. Yep, who would have thunk it! :-)

So, sit back and have a good read about NOLA on DIY City Mag. Plan next years Mardi Gras trip around this issue and come back with something other than plastic beads! Unless its a lamp shade made from Mardi Gras beads, then that would ROCK!
The next issue will be all about Washington, DC, with a launch sometime right before the election. If you are an designer/artist in the area, they are looking for you! Contact them at

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Summer Sale

In the spirit of summertime fun, I am having a little sale over in my Etsy shop. Go check it out, you may find sometime you’ll love. Also just a FYI: my wrap skirts make great beach cover-ups and stylish enough wear from poolside to a nice dinner out paired with a nice shirt. Super versatile and easy to pack!

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The past 4th of July was super fun …

Hot Air Ballons and Fire Works!
hot air ballonsfireworks(yep, I took this cool pic!)

good BBQ and seeing some family I haven’t seen in years!

Downside to summer? The heat, Duh. 10 mosquito bites (+ 4 more yesterday!) and crazy gas prices.

It’s back to work time:

My new obsession is button rings. I have a huge stash of buttons acquired through the years and found something I can finally do with them. Some are vintage-y (I get from flea markets and antiques stores) and some are just doggone cute and make great rings.

button rings

You can find them in my shop on Etsy while I update my main website.

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