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No, I’m not having a flashback of the TV show Mork and Mindy. I am contemplating participating in not one but two NaNo’s for November. First, NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where the goal is to write a blog post each day in November and the other, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where the goal is finish 175-page (50,000-word) novel by November 30.  I tried to do NaBloPoMo the year before last…all I can say is dismal. And I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time last year…well I didn’t “win”, (I got nowhere near the 175 pages!). Curses inner critic, foiled again. 😛
I am doing better at pushing that inner critic down though, I did write an article about a couple of months ago for DIY City Mag. That was pretty cool for it to be used.
If i do decide to do both, atleast I can blog about my novel progress (or lack there of) for NaBloPoMo.  Well see, I do have nine days to decide.

Oh yeah, BTW I am playing around with the look of this blog.  I feel like a change. :-)

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She’s Crafty!

My crafty homie Maryellen Kim of Twist Style is one of the winners of the Country Living’s Pitch Your Product contest. Check her out on the County Living website (she’s #9 in the slideshow) and in their November issue of the magazine.

I’ve known her going on 3 years now and she continually inspires me.  I know first hand through her that its possible to make a living with what you like to do and flourish.  Her craft game is proper!!   :-)
Twist Style ring

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It’s Autumn!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year.  The heat has died down and nice cool breezes are taking over. And I am busily trying to get ready for the Christmas retail crunch.  At least I’m hoping there is a holiday influx but with whats happening on wall street and what not, I’m not totally convinced.  Better to be prepared and have a little bit of extra stock.

I’ve been making more button rings.  These are truly fun to make and I do like digging through my stash and through the boxes and jars of thrift, antique shops and perusing eBay.  I’m on eBay a little too much I think, but C’est la vie.
button ring group

Also, I added a new pouch style to the collection.

faux fur pouchfaux fur pouch 2

I’m digging making these and had made a batch to for Crafty Bastards, I only have 2 left.  Yay!, they were a hit. This a picture of a slightly smaller size that will be available.  So, I will be making more and putting them on the new updated site. The 2 spares will be added to my etsy shop, in the mean time.

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Mini Politics Rant

Regardless on who you plan to vote for in November, I’m sure that you can agree with me when I say, whats with all the survey’s and political b.s. cold calls? Telemarketing/political calls I can not stand! At this point, most people have probably made up their minds on who they will vote for and IF they are still unsure, a unsolicited call from a biased stranger is NOT the one to get info from.

I generally don’t like talking on the phone anyway, even with people I know and like. So when the phone rings I dread it.  All my friends and family know to actually say something on the answering machine, chances are I’m screening and will pick right up. Except lately due to co-coordinating with friends on craft shows stuffs and family health issues, I’ve made an effort to actually pick up the phone before the machine. But alas, its a political year and the crap calls are in full swing.

Case in point, I just got one 2 minutes ago. Right from the jump I was asked “Hello! This in not a survey but are you going to vote? You don’t need to tell me who for but are you going to vote.”  WTF? Here is why I hate you.

  1. You have the sound up too damn loud, shouting in my ear.
  2. I can hear the many other people in the background doing the same. Shouting and bothering other unsuspecting phone answer-ers
  3. Who are you to be asking my political views, for no reason, out of the blue and yet you said its not a survey.
  4. Asking a question IS a survey!
  5. And after I tell you, I don’t have time to do a survey, you tell me to “wait, no wait, I just need a minute”.  WTF!

Not so mini rant over. Its a important voting year, so whoever you happen to agree with politically, just vote. You don’t have to tell anyone who for or why, just do it in November.
(pic from
P.S. I’m siding with the squirrel.

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Pins and Needles Fashion Show

For a slice of fresh indie fashion from the RVA, check out the Pins and Needles fashion show this Friday.
pins and needles fashion show

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