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Edna Does Not Approve

Edna does not approve.

Edna does not approve of clutter.

Of clutter!  I’ve been doing a studio clean up and de-stash again.   Its hard to let go people, let me tell ya!  The clean up happens at least twice a year.  Mainly right after the Christmas push and then after the sewing frenzy to get stock up for the Spring craftshows.  What’s left are designs unfinished, those that needed more design fixes or total craft fails. And some are just a mere idea mentally assigned to a yard of fabric.  Its getting so I have supplies and UFO’s (UnFinishedObjects) from a couple of years back.

People, I’m cluttered.  I have a slight dread sometimes going into the studio.  Not Niecy Nash and the Clean House crew type clutter (love that show!) but for the small-ish space I have, its just not good to have as much as I have!  I’m running out of cubby holes and I’m ready to streamline!  For an example on how bad it is, in addition of the fabric I have  squirreled accumulated,  I ran across a small collection of beaded fringe.

I have no idea why I have it and don’t have a design in mind for them.  Must of been one heck of deal, cause I have about 5+ yards of a assortment of dangly fringe.  The de-stash has begun, I’m listing on etsy!



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