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Inspirational Quote Saturday

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2012 – Shiny and New

2011 seemed to fly by and 2012 snuck up on me and tapped me on the shoulder. I’m not going to make a list of resolutions to ring in this new year. 10 days into it, the only resolution I have for the year is to Do Better and Finish. As it pertains to me – For better: make better choices, keep a better schedule and stay on task. For finish: I’m an ideas gal. I live for plotting and figuring things out and usually with multiple ways to get to the outcome. But to actually finish a project I feel “the angst”. The creeping doubt that the bag, skirt, whatever is utter crap. So for me the resolution is to finish the damn thing anyway.

Pendant by speakingyourtruth on Etsy

inspiration exists pendant by speakyourtruth

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

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