It’s all about the machines.

I totally love behind the scene workshop/studio videos.  I stumbled on to Grain and Gram, a very cool blog that features crafters and artists, all guys! Awesome that crafty dudes are getting featured for a change.  Shout out to Dude Craft for finding this blog gem. One of the newest posts on G&G is on Roy Slaper, the man with all the cool toys *ahem* specialized sewing machines used to make Roy Denim.

behind the scene at Roy Jeans

behind the scene at Roy Jeans

So, I went digging because I like to read about small clothing designers, because I am one and nosy. :-) On Roy’s website, he has a couple of neato videos of the workings of his workshop.

I’ll admit I’m a nice shade of lime with envy of the workshop gadgetry going on at Roy headquarters.  Now bring on to the machines! :-)


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