Fall’n For Flowers

I love flowers but they don’t really love me back.  Ya see, I have terrible allergies.  So I admire from afar.  I’ve been making the super cute flower pillows of late, new for fall and to appease my flower fix. A little daisy, a little sunflowery, very flowery.

pink flower eco felt pillow

pink flower eco felt pillow

burgundy flower eco felt pillow

burgundy flower eco felt pillow

Big news on the Richmond Craft Mafia front.  RCM now has a local spot to shop at the Crossroads Art Center. Very cool.  If you are in Richmond, VA stop on by!  Also Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday is in the works.  The date is set (12/12/10) and applications are being accepted (deadline: 10/20/10).  For more information and to apply visit: http://www.richmondhandmadeholiday.com/

2010 Handmade Holiday

Richmond Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday

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